Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is responsible for the automated operation of your door. Count on our team for the best opener services in Georgia including repair, maintenance and installation of leading brands.

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

We maintain overhead and roll up garage doors and guarantee thorough inspection and repairs, lubrication maintenance, and opener service

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Do not take the risk of replacing damaged garage door parts by yourself, especially garage door springs. Hiring the best garage-door service provider in Georgia is the most appropriate approach.

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Garage Door Repair Atlanta

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Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Atlanta

We are expert residential and commercial garage door specialists and promise great 24 hour garage door repair services. Our trained technicians are distinguished for their skills in Georgia and provide same day thorough maintenance service and garage door installation.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
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Atlanta, Georgia
Zip code: 30318
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Garage door repair and maintenance services

Special offers in Atlanta

“Garage Door Repair Atlanta” is a trusted name in the industry. We don’t just promise to provide the best garage door service, but ensure that we deliver on our promises. Only the finest technicians are hired to become part of our team. Aside from their immense skills and experience, they are reliable, earnest, and friendly, as we want to provide you with top-notch customer service experience. We never cease learning new methods and looking for ways to enhance our work even more. From the first time you call us, we strive to make you our utmost priority and attentively care for each one of your concerns. There’s no problem too small or big for us to manage. All of them are important and we always respond with urgency. Our state of the art tools allow us to deliver speedy and precise service.

Garage Door Repair Services in Atlanta

One of the essential services that we offer is installation. We possess a wide range of products, including Clopay, Stanley, Genie and Chamberlain. These doors are also available in different materials, such as wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. If you’re not sure which door to pick, learning about their benefits and drawbacks could help you make your decision. Here is a comparison among the different door materials available.

* Steel is the most popular material used on these doors. Its durability and resistance to dents depend on the gauge or thickness. A 28 gauge steel door is thinner and may be cheaper, but it can also dent easier. A 24 gauge steel door is thicker, therefore making it sturdier and less prone to dents. It’s more expensive that the thinner steel doors, but not as expensive as other available materials. However, the problem with this one is that it can easily corrode. This is true especially if living in areas near the beach or salty water. Covering the door with fiberglass is one option to keep it from corroding.

* Wooden doors are most preferred due to their beauty. Insulation is fair and it can be curved, painted, and designed more easily. Another advantage is that it’s also cost effective. Its only drawback is that it can be heavy. Without proper installation and balance, parts could wear out quicker and it needs to be maintained more often. Cracks and stains could ruin its appearance so proper care must be given.

* Aluminum is lighter and it’s also corrosion free. However, it can dent easily, although you may find high quality aluminum materials that are dent resistant; they are more expensive than regular ones.
* Fiberglass doors are corrosion and dent resistant. They also don’t require as much maintenance as wood. Like steel, they can be made to resemble wooden doors. The disadvantage is that it could break when temperatures freeze. If this is always the weather that you have in your area, you may want to consider the other door options.

We are experts offering same day and fast emergency garage door repair services.

Garage door maintenance is another premier service we provide in Georgia. We recommend having these doors maintained at least annually in order to keep them running smoothly and to extend their longevity. We’ll check the overall condition of your door and its parts to determine any potential concerns. Loose parts should be tightened and moving parts oiled to optimize performance. In addition, we perform safety tests to ensure that it’s not just working properly, but safely as well. If you notice any problems that may arise even before the maintenance period comes, it’s best to call us immediately so our adept and experienced team can check it. There are also preventive maintenance steps that we encourage you to do on your own and here are some of them.

* Perform a visual inspection on the door to see any loose, broken or damaged parts. Some parts can be tightened easily. If so, you may do this. However, those that require repair and replacement are better left to the experts.

* Listen to the sound of the door when operating. If it creates noise that you didn’t hear before, this may be a sign of a problem. Call us immediately so we can make a proper diagnosis.

* Lubricating the door’s moving parts is also another thing that you can perform. This helps in having a smooth and quiet operation.

* Testing the sensor and auto reverse feature helps prevent accidental damage to property and injuries. Place an object below the door and see if it detects it and if it will reverse automatically. If it doesn’t, then let us know so we can complete the proper repairs.

* Dirt and debris may accumulate on the garage door tracks overtime. This could cause difficulties in opening the door. Removing these could further help the door operate better.

Just like any other issue, garage doors are also susceptible to natural wear and tear, as well as damage caused by various factors. We are the specialists when it comes to garage door repair in Atlanta and are confident that we can effectively repair all kinds of problems that you encounter with your door. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to determine the exact cause of the issue and provide the optimal solutions to prevent it from happening. All repair concerns must be left to professionals like us. Doing this on your own when you don’t have the required experience, skills, and tools could turn a small problem into a huge one. This would only cost you more in the long run and prevent you from using your door properly. Here are some of the most common issues that owners often experience and their main causes.

* Door falling fast when lowering it. If the door falls too quickly when closing, this could damage properties or worse, hurt people or cause injuries. Broken springs and cables are often the main reason for this and it’s something that you should never fix on your own.

* Loud noises when operating the door. This is usually caused by lack of lubrication, as well as dirt and debris on the tracks. Cleaning the tracks and lubricating the moving parts often do the trick.

* It moves unevenly. There are several reasons as to why this may happen. One is different length of springs. Again, you should never work with springs on your own, as this could be dangerous. This may also be caused by a faulty motor for electric doors. Another possible cause is dirt and debris that accumulated on the tracks, which you can try removing by yourself.

* Door sticks when operating. If you have an electric door, issues on the switches and batteries may cause this. Dirt on tracks and lack of lubrication are other causes. Unevenly hanging door is another reason. This can be fixed by ensuring that cables and springs are of the same length, which only we, experts, should do.

There are times that doors are too old and worn out to be repaired. Replacement is recommended for this kind of situation. Another reason why some owners replace their doors is because they wish to have a different style or the design no longer works for them, especially if they had a home renovation or makeover. If the door is malfunctioning, we’ll check the overall condition and if it can still be repaired, we’ll do all that is necessary to get it done. However, if we see that replacement is the best option, we’ll recommend this option for you. We are fair and honest in dealing with all of our customers and only suggest solutions that are best for you. Getting a new door has several benefits and here are some of them.

* An old and worn out door is not pleasing to the eyes. Every homeowner would like his or her home to be presentable. Being one of the largest parts of the house, it surely attracts attention. If no longer in its best form, this could affect the overall look of your place. Having it replaced with a new one would enhance your home’s curb appeal. There are several styles, colors, and designs to choose from that perfectly match your taste.

* Having a new one installed increases the value of your property. In case you’re planning to sell your place in the future, this is a smart investment to make, as buyers are willing to pay higher for properties with garage doors that are functioning properly.

* This could also be considered as a money saver. While you would be investing a big amount of money for purchasing a new door, this allows you to save more in the long run. It’s because an old door that keeps on malfunctioning would just cost you more cash due to repairs that need be repeated over and over again.

* New doors offer enhanced insulation, which makes it easier to warm or cool the place. This would save money on your energy costs.

* Better safety and security features can be found on new doors.

We are your go to company for all your garage door needs. We’re dedicated in providing admirable service on our every encounter.

Did your garage door spring break? Is your door opener malfunctioning? Our team can help you for we are the top choice for garage door repair services Georgia. We have trained and experienced technicians to fix problems with your overhead door. Know more about our service through postal code 30318.



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